End of the "100 yuan internal roll"? - Shuiyueyu Bamboo 2


From the silver spaceship in 2019 to the Bamboo 1 in 2022, Shuiyueyu's competitiveness in the 100 yuan price range has become stronger and stronger. In July 2023, Shuiyueyu launched the Bamboo 2 with the slogan "The end of internal competition" and the desire to achieve "everything in gauze".



Classic Shuijia-style two-dimensional packaging, a typical "buy a wife, get headphones" package. (The back of the packaging box contains curves and product overviews that no one reads, so I won't include them here.)


After lifting the skull-shaped lid of the packaging, you will find the headphones themselves.


After fully opening it, you can find a storage bag, three pairs of silicone ear tips, an audio cable, a warranty card, a wearing method card (with a QR code for the Shuiyueyu user group on the back), and a "no need to read" series.

It is worth mentioning that the Bamboo 2 does not come with the Clear Spring set like the Bamboo 1. It is said that the Clear Spring set may bring negative optimization. I'm not sure because I haven't heard it before. (

Main Body

The cavity of the Bamboo 2 has been greatly upgraded. The detachable cable and replaceable sound tubes have increased its playability, especially the replaceable sound tubes. I wonder if it will introduce DLC gameplay like a certain entry-level product from the neighboring brand (probably not possible, maybe I'm overthinking it). The replaceable sound tubes also make it convenient to replace the filter screens, and I recommend other manufacturers to follow suit.

However, the Bamboo 2 does not come with spare metal filter screens, so you have to purchase them separately.

The alloy cavity looks quite textured and feels substantial when held in hand. It doesn't seem like the level of a 100 yuan product, which is commendable. The decorations on the cavity this time have been differentiated to distinguish it from the first generation, but the style remains consistent.

In terms of wearing comfort, it is quite comfortable. However, because my ears are too small, the cavity tends to press against my earlobes, and it can be a bit painful after wearing it for a long time.

As for the included cable... it's hard to describe. The workmanship is quite disappointing. The overall transparent design gives a sense of cheapness, and the connectors and junctions are very rough. It also lacks a cable tie, which bothers me. But after all, it's a cable included with a 100 yuan earphone, so it's understandable.


Let me start with a frequency response graph:

RAW FR 'Raw Frequency Response'

Due to my poor financial situation, I haven't listened to a bunch of headphones like other HiFi enthusiasts, so the following opinions are my personal thoughts and are for reference only. (

Oh, by the way, the accompanying tail is Shuiyueyu's Xiao.

Since it's the Bamboo 2, the first song I listened to after getting it was "Li Qiu - Bamboo (feat. Choco)". I don't know why, but I feel like this thing sounds a bit piercing, especially the beginning of the song, which was really uncomfortable for my ears, so it didn't leave a good impression on me.

For the second song, I tried "Knock2 - dashstar*". The Bamboo 2 gave me the feeling of a very small soundstage, with the sound seemingly floating next to my ears. However, the low frequencies were quite strong, which is a good thing.

For the third song, I listened to "Cao Dong Has No Party - Gang". It sounded particularly comfortable this time, with a strong sense of atmosphere and expressive power. Could the strength of these earphones be in rock music?

Finally, I tried a symphony work by Blue Akasaka (highly recommended, very high quality). The performance of the Bamboo 2 was average and didn't surprise me. It's just average, but I guess no one would buy this earphone to listen to symphonies anyway.


This thing is indeed reasonably priced at 99 yuan and meets the expectations for this price range.

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